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USS The Sullivans cont.

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Here is a picture of the USS The Sullivans in 1962, just 3 years before the ship was decommissioned.

The Sullivan brothers on the USS Juneau

        DD-537_TheSullivans.gif (95990 bytes)            sullivanpic.jpg (6180 bytes)            0553703.jpg (63566 bytes)            0553702.jpg (74998 bytes)

Click on thumbnails above to see large pictures of the USS The Sullivans...My father was telling me that you can tell if the picture of the ship is war time or peace time by the number (537) on the front of the ship.  If it's Peace Time the numbers are very large, if war time the numbers are very small, thus more difficult for the enemy to know which ship it is



   My Pop...C.E. "Tim" Timmons Jr.        My Dad's Friend Dave Keener

                Vancouver, Wa                                Carson City, NV

Ship Fitters and Carpenters on the USS The Sullivans

R.A. Hicks, C.E. Timmons, D.L. Stensrud, D.R. Lleverllyer, H.P. Warring


                Dick Hardgrave                    Dick Hardgrave and Pop today

                Baton Rouge, LA.

Dads pic of sullivans.jpg (102617 bytes)

My father picture of the USS The Sullivans, click on picture to see larger version

Click below to read the history of the U.S.S. The Sullivans DD -537

The poster to the movie about the Sullivan brothers...Now out on DVD