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Pickles Whitney-Chapman

Welcome to Pickles page....although Pickles crossed the rainbow bridge september 2001, she lives forever in our hearts

Pickles & The MaMa 1991


pickles always thought she could drive the motor home better than papa! LOL....this is typical pickle mode, checking everything out, being in the drivers seat


pickles was a peke/lhasa cross (or so we think!!!)  the entire reason we got tibbies is because they reminded us soooo much of our sweet pookie bear (pickles nick name)  here pickles is just about a year old


pickles loved the snow!!!  just like her mama....pickles loved to play "snowplow"  that is where you run as fast as you can put your head into the snow and plow it up!! LOL  she just loved it  this picture was from february 1993 in portland, oregon.  pickles was 10 years old here


pickles & her papa.  pickles loved to get her hair cut, she was soooo happy with short hair.  she would run faster (i swear! LOL)  she would be so much lighter on her feet it was always fun to watch her after a haircut!


pickles would sit pretty for ever!!!!!!!!!  all of our pictures of pickles are her sitting pretty or sleeping! LOL  here she is at christmas sitting pretty "doing hannies" which is waving her paws at us! LOL  she is waiting for her christmas sock from santa paws!


here is pickles finally getting her sock which was full of treats, squeak toys and always a new pretty collar

pickles, papa & keisha, wearing the stupid santa hat!  keisha was not happy about the