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Back on the air at Q-97FM in Redding, California

Announcing a parade for Q-97

Randy & I with a listener at KALF in Chico, California

Rhandel Whitney on the air live at KALF Chico, California

that's me!

Randy with Ricky Van Shelton at the Gridley fair

Ricky Van Shelton went everywhere with us! LOL  This is him with me on the air

Me and Becky Hobbs at KALF, had a blast with her...the woman has more energy than is allowed by law! LOL

My last day on the air at KALF doing the remote at Gridley fair with Ricky Van Shelton, again! LOL

Randy and I at a Black Velvet girl search.  Oh yeah, lots of fun for me!

Randy and I at the opening of Toon Town in Disneyland.  Randy was there with KALF doing a remote, I was visiting from Portland, Oregon where I was working at KWJJ

Russ, Randy, Fuzz & Laura from Disneyland Remote January 1993

Randy & Charlie Daniels

Disneyland Remote, Randy, Russ and Fuzz

Another Disneyland Remote...think we spent some time in Disneyland???