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Shelby Lin

Welcome to Shelby's Page!!  Shelby is our 2 year old Tibbie...that is a Tibetan Spaniel

Tibbies are all about fun, fun, fun...and with two of them running around the house, we have more FUN than we can handle!!!  Always interesting to see what they are going to get into next.  At the bottom of this page, see our links for Shelby & Mo's fur friends and to our wonderful breeder, Robyn

Shelby being cute!!!  Click picture to see shelby's pedigree


Princess shelby


Shelby & Mo looking cute!!!  It's tough being a Tibbie

Shelby is our first Tibbie.  So naturally, she is very special.  She got to spend a year and a half of her life with our angel Pickles.  Pickles and Shelby were very close, and Pickles being my one and only baby for 17 years seemed to understand the importance of having Shelby around.  Shelby looked after Pickles, they slept together, ate together and even played together.  Before Pickles had to leave us we needed to find another Tibbie for Shelby, that's when we got Lil' Mo, or Mo Mo as we call her most of the time.  Mo and Shelby are attached at the hip...where you find one getting into "Tibbie Troubles" you will find the other one.  Upon Pickles passing to the Rainbow Bridge, these two Tibbies were what made me get out of bed everyday.  Shelby seemed to understand that the "Pookie Bear" was no longer around.  She looked for her for weeks....and showered me with her love and Tibbie kisses.  As hard as it has been without my Pickles, Shelby Lin has found a special place in our hearts as the new Head of Household in our family.  


  Glenmar Tibetan Spaniels

    Agility Tibbies

    Leon & Bart (Shelby's brother is Leon...he is adorable!!!)




Shelby is our Princess!!!  Always finding a pillow to sit upon or the top of the couch where she can look down on everyone!  But don't let that fool you, Shelby is as sweet as the day is long....and she deserves a medal for putting up with MoMo who is full of Tibbie Trouble!


When Shelby doesn't want her picture taken, she is real vocal about it, as she was here!!!  LOL  Apparently she didn't want her picture taken, but we took it anyway!

Mommy....please let us off the table!!! matter what I do, my girls will just not pose as I would like them too!!!



Some backgrounds (like this one!) are provided by Sets by Andy...see my link pages for the link to Andy's site!