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This is our Keisha Lou.  Keisha was Randy's girl, and my girl too.  She was a Sheppard Sheltie mix and possibly the sweetest girl in the world!  Keisha had to leave us for the rainbow bridge August 1999, she was 18 years old

Keisha was happiest chasing a ball.  She LOVED to retrieve.  She would have chassed a ball until she just dropped!  LOL  For the majority of her life she lived on 40 acres of land that she roamed at will.  When Randy and I got married, I decided Keisha was old enough, she had served us well for so many years, it was time for her to be an inside dog.  She was so good inside, so happy.  She always seemed to understand that it was her time now to be pampered!

Keisha razin' the camera

This is a very young Keisha in LA, before she moved to Northern California and all the acreage with Randy


Okay...we had to threaten the girls with their lives to get this picture of Keisha and Pickles.  They were so ticked off! LOL  We spent a 1/2 and hour getting them to hold still for this photo.  Below is how they looked most of the time! LOL