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This is our Crepe Myrtle Bush in our back yard...really pretty and blooms from May to October!


This past summer we got way into birds!  Much to my Aunt Leens dismay as birds ate her Koi in her pond!  LOL  We now have 10 feeders around the house, as well as a little bird bath.  Randy hooked up a small spray to the bath for the birds...they love it and it waters all of our plants at the same time!



This is our Texas Sage plant.  Although it didn't fill out with leafs as it should have (I fertilized to late!) we had a ton of blooms on it all the time.  Hopefully this year I will get the fertilization right!!


This past year all of our crepes, Indian Hawthorn and Buford Hollies went crazy!  Blooming and growing everywhere!  So, here we are in January, and we are going to have to go out there and cut everything way back!!  The Crepes literally took over this front planter, and the Hawthorns are all over the place...not to mention the Hollies, we can hardly see out of the windows.  So, things will probably not look this pretty this year!

More pictures of the back yard and our birding area!  Our goal this summer is to get our back yard in really good shape...get some landscaping done around our pool and put in a pond.  If we get just one of these things done we will be pleased!!!! LOL

February 5, 2002....LOOK!!!!   SNOW!!!!!  Wow...two years in a row, we got some snow in Dallas, Texas!  It was really great.  Snowed from 8am to 10pm on the 5th.  The snowflakes were HUGE!!  Clearly this is a big deal for us....and for me...I LOVE SNOW!

More Snow!

Again, more snow....ya just can't have enough of it!  Okay...sorry to those of you that live through the artic tundra every winter! you've been asking yourself why I would take all of these pictures of the in Dallas it snows one day and it's 70 degrees the next!  So, needless to say, we got up on the 6th had a few inches of snow, by the time we got home from was all gone!