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Shelby Lin


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Shelby Lin


Shelby Lin's Page


                Click Shelby's picture to see her Pedigree



                                         Shelby looking out from her bed                                                                                  

                Shelby is such a sweet little thing.  But don't let that adorable face fool you...she has a devilish streak in her too.  As our first Tibbie, Shelby is the reason we got Lil' Mo, we have just fallen in love with this most adorable breed.  They love to play, get into mischief, sit in the highest place she they can find...and they are very very smart.  After being owned by a Tibbie (because you never own them), we can't imagine having any other breed.  Shelby and Mo's breeder is Robyn Brandenburg, and you can find the link to Robyn's wonderful Tibbie site on our Links Page.