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Around the House


This is our deal of the summer pool. Living in Texas it sure comes in handy!



On my mothers advice, we finally decided to put in a bird feeder. Well, as you can see, we have become a little carried away! We now have 7 feeders and two humming bird feeders. We have a beautiful family of Cardinals that come feed everyday. Mother, Father and two juniors that are both going to be males. They are really pretty.


Pictures around our home


This is our newest plant that we planted this year. It's a Desert Willow. The blooms on this are fantastic. They look like a combination of an orchid/snapdragon. The birds love this bush/tree. We planted this in June, and it's done really well. It will grow into a large bush or small tree. Depends on how you trim it.


Our Crepe Myrtles went crazy this year. The leaves on them became so huge. They invaded the front of our house. This February we are going to have to do some serious cutting back!

A barbecue party; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Front of our home

A family on vacation; Actual size=180 pixels wide



This is our Globe Willow out in front of our house. This tree grew so fast, all of our neighbors wanted to know what kind of tree it is so they could plant one too. There are now about six of us on our block with the same tree!


Our Desert Sage didn't do as well this year as it did when we first planted it. We had a much colder winter and I didn't feed my sage as well as I should have. Still, we had a ton of blooms on them this year. They are so pretty. They bloom in cycle about every two weeks. Booms last for two to three days