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The Girls


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Pictures of Pickles & Shelby Lin and Mojave (Lil' Mo)

About The Girls

Here are our girls. Shelby Lin (Tibbie year and a half). Our newest edition to the family is Glenmar's Mojave Star, we call her Mojave or Lil' Mo. She too is a Tibbie. And Pickles who had to leave us September 28, 2001...Pickles was a Peke cross and looked very much like a Tibbie

Click below to Link to the Tibbie sites to see all of Shelby's and Pickles furry friends

Leon/Shelby's brother


Shelby in Yard


Pickles being normal....sleep mode! Too Cute



Pickles getting really comfortable...or just looking like she had too much to drink last night!

Shelby June



Shelby & Holly

Above is a picture of Shleby Lin and Holly, my Dad's Peke. It's a big game for them to play around this chair!
Another picture below of the Holly Berry...this time at Ocean Park near my parents beach property

Holly @ beach