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Video of Pulling Espresso Shot

Pulling Espresso Shot

Here is our espresso machine, a Pasquini Liva 90

To make great tasting espresso it takes more than just a machine and beans. The theory Randy and I based our business on is to start out with the best possible espresso beans. Taste is everything. We purchase our espresso beans from Espresso Vivace in Seattle, Washington. We like some bite to our bean, so our choice is Dolce blend

Perfect Crema

Beans alone do not the great espresso cup make. In order to pull the best shots from your machine it takes training in tamping, getting the grind perfect, and practice, practice, practice. Even for the novice that wants to brew a great cup of espresso, we suggest purchasing some books on the subject or better yet a video. The best video I've ever seen is "The Art of Coffee" put out by Bellissimo. They sell it on their web site for $24.95. May seem a little over board, but short of having a professional that really knows what they are doing train you, this video is the best. Not to mention it will teach you a lot about coffee/espresso. Click the link below to the video...

Espresso 101


Above is everyones favorite drink, the Cafe Mocha. Made with espresso, chocolate, steamed/frothed milk and topped with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. Sounds good huh!

Breve 2

Below is a double shot Breve. This is a double shot of espresso with half and half, not milk (that would be a latte). Notice the pattern on the top of the drink, this is known as Latte Art. Not easy to achieve, it takes a lot of practice...most of the time I end up with a tree instead of the beautiful Rosetta Latte

Latte Art



Click the link below to visit one of our favorite espresso bean suppliers located in the Motherland for coffee, Seattle, Washington

Espresso Vivace

About Espresso

Espresso is simply the ability to extract the maximum flavor from coffee and leave behind excess acids and caffeine. DID SHE SAY LEAVE BEHIND THE CAFFEINE?? Yes, in truth, there is less caffeine in a cup of espresso than your ordinary cup of drip coffee. Hard to believe but true.


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