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Glenmar's Mojave Star

Lil' Mo


Interested in a Tibbie??? Just want to see more of them? Please go to our Breeders site. Robyn has the most adorable Tibbies, and we should know, we have two of them! She thinks we will get another one before too long...but that will only happen if I can talk Randy into it!!! LOL
Click Mo's picture to view her pedigree...

Glenmar Tibetan Spaniels

Lil' Mo's second day at her new home. Already settled in!





Shelby and Mo snuggle!!

This is Lil' Mo...the newest addition to the family. She is just 3 months old now. She came from Kentucky, just like Shelby Lin...another Tibbie. You can't stop at just one!!
Lil' Mo is a real scrapper!! Shelby, being so sweet she is trying to stand up to this new little monster in her life!!
Be watching for picture updates of Lil' Mo as she grows into a beautiful little Tibbie.


Being a puppy is tough...


This is Mo giving Shelby heck because Shelby has the rawhide that Mo wants...not long after this Lil' Mo got the rawhide back from Shelby